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Vlieseline Waddings

At the heart of every great project is a quality interfacing

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Vilene Style-Vil Sew In Foam Interfacing 72cm X 15M - White
Ideal for: Creation of hand bags, table runners and placemats; Design surfaces with 3-dimensional effects; Cushioning (e.g. protection of mobile phones, eye glasses etc.); Stabilization of garment (e.g. caps, hats, shoulder pads, etc.)
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Vilene Thermolam Compressed Volume Fleece 90cm X 25 Metres
(Code: VL272)
New Heavier Weight - Internally bonded, compressed polyester batting for patchwork and quilts. Soft in spite of high density, medium volume, simple to use. 180 gsm.
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Vilene Sew-in 100% Cotton Fleece / Wadding White 150cm X 25 Metres
(Code: VL277)
Downy-soft, voluminous nonwoven made of 100% cotton, ideally for quilting and warm clothing, no fibre migration, shape retentive.
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Vilene Sew-in Volume Fleece 50% Cotton / 50% Soyabean Fleece / Wadding Natural 152cm X 15 Metres
(Code: VL278)
Extremely soft natural fiber (50% soyabean/50% cotton). Softer and smoother than traditional waddings. For quilts, wall hangings and clothing etc.
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Vilene Sew-in Volume Fleece 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester Fleece / Wadding Natural 244cm X 22 Metres
(Code: VL279)
A needle punched wadding out of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It has the added support of a scrim, allowing an excellent combination of a soft hand feel and a lightweight construction while still providing significant stability and support. Especially developed for quilts but is also very well suitable for lightweight jackets.
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Vilene Volume Fleece / Wadding High Loft White 150cm X 25 Metres
(Code: VL295)
For warm clothing. Also ideal for particular voluminous effects in quilting and patchwork projects such as bedspreads and wall hangings. Extraordinarily light with the greatest volume, particularly soft and smooth, very good insulation, breathable.
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Vilene Fusible Fleece Low Loft 90cm X 30m
(Code: VLH630)
Iron-on, low loft, batting for topstitch work, patchwork and quilting as well as for warm clothing; also ideal for soft pelmets and voluminous tie-backs. Easy to work with, light volume and no shifting while sewing.
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Vilene Fusible Volume Fleece 90Cm X 30 Metres
(Code: VLH640)
For topstitch work and quilting, relief work such as voluminous tiebacks or braidings, as well as for warm clothing. Thickest iron-on volume fleece. Easy to work with. No shifting while sewing
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Vilene Double Sided Fusible Volume Fleece / Wadding 150cm X 25 Metres
(Code: VLH650)
Medium loft batting, bonds two fabrics together in one operation; for quilts as well as for clothing. Can be ironed-on from both sides, efficient use with little wastage, two materials are ironed together in one step
pleasant soft feel- Ideal for patchwork projects. Washable and dry cleanable
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