Driving business to your store

How can you drive business to my store?

At Hantex we believe that it's our job to create end-user demand for the products we distribute ... ultimately driving orders to YOUR store.

So how does that work exactly?

Whenever someone reads about one of our products or finds it on the internet, they have the option to click the "Find A Stockist Button" on our website. 

This will take them to a list of stores that have purchased that exact product

OK, So you're saying that only shops that have purchased that exact product will show in the results?

Precisely ... nothing is more frustrating than calling or emailing on the off-chance!

People want to find what they're looking for and buy now!

Great ... but are there really that many people searching for products on your website?

We anonymously log searches and our website receives literally 1000's of stockist requests every week.

That's potential business for your store.

Is there anyway to know which items are selling the best?

Absolutely ... we have reports that are produced weekly showing which items are selling bestfor everyone ... visit the report here

Sounds good, but if there are a large number of stockists for a product how do I get to the top of the stockist list?

We always list the most recently ordered products first.

In other words the list is ordered with the stores who have ordered that product most recently first on the list.

That way the end-users have the best chance of finding the product in stock.

I like the sound of it ... how do you reach so many end-users?

~ Users subscribe to our email updates, which keep them updated with new products as they are released.

~ Our products are easily found in web searches

~ Magazines regularly feature our products and readers use our web links provided to find out where they can buy

~ Our NEW digital magazine "Modern sewing Starts Here" is delivered to thousands of interested sewing enthusiasts who follow the web links to featured products

So all I need to do is order  products to be on the stockists list?

Absolutely ... our system automatically adds your business to the stockist list  every time you order ANY product.

Chances are, within 24 hours someone will see you in the results when they search for a product.

That means sales for your store ... just make sure we have your website listed (if not we automatically offer a google search link as a temporary measure)

Can I opt out and not be listed?

Yes, of course.  We can remove you from the list or just list your business name and web address only.

OK, sounds like free marketing and one of those win-win situations that sometimes happens.

How do I get started?

Yes it's completely free and let's be honest it works for everyone ... you the store, us the distributor and also the brands we stock.

Most importantly, it works for the end-user.

Getting started is easy, if you are already a customer just carry on ordering.  If you're not but like the way it works register HERE

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