Fabrics Made Easy

How can you make fabric buying easier for my shop?

We think you want to order fabrics in as simple a way as possible.

Pre-ordering fabric for future delivery is good (it helps you plan your stock), but the reality is you more often than not need to order fabrics today!

Sometimes you need to fill gaps in your stock quickly and meeting mega-minimum orders when all you want is a quick top up just doesn't cut it.

So do you only sell from stock? ... I'm used to pre-ordering as well for future delivery.

We most certainly do run a fabric pre-order system.

Essentially, in addition to our stock ranges, we show fabrics which are for delivery over the coming months.

What's more, when you pre-order ranges for future delivery we often give an additional discount and you're among the first to receive brand new ranges when they arrive in our warehouse.

OK, so you've reminded me of what I'd really like in a perfect world, but how can Hantex help with that?

Well, we keep fabric on the shelf ready to ship at a moments notice ... but what's really important is that we show ALL our fabrics on the hantex website ... sat there ready for you to order!

So how do I know what's in stock and what's out of stock?

Against each product on the website we'll show you a green tick when it's in stock and if it's out of stock we'll show a red cross.

We're pleased to say you'll mostly see green ticks on our current ranges.

... and if it's out of stock, how will I know when it's coming in?

Our internal ordering system links to our website to give you the number of days before stock will arrive for any out of stock items.

Normally we replenish within 7 days.

... If I'm looking for really cheap fabric can you help?

Not really ... all the brands we distribute for represent the highest levels of quality in terms of the design and feel.

We focus on the best and we do this because we think that when someone creates a garment, quilt or bag they want it to look amazing and amazing is, in our opinion, only possible with quality fabrics.


... I find looking at websites with just swatches on quite uninspiring.  Can I see the fabric for real?

We agree.  Which is why we love showing lookbooks and lifestyle images against each range.

Nothing beats seeing a fabric made up as a quilt or dress or pillow.

That said, fabric is tactile and you want to feel it, which is why we offer a sampling service for all our fabrics.

Each month just after production we expedite fabric to our sample producers who create sample packs for each range and post them to you!   This means you see the fabrics well ahead of the delivery date.

Is there a charge for this?

There is a small annual charge for our fabric subscription service but it's worth noting that the samples are actually usable sizes. 

However for businesses that exceed certain levels of turnover with us, we'll waive the annual fee.

OK, so I've seen the fabrics I like and they're in stock but I'm a small shop and really don't need full bolts?

... and that's precisely why all our fabrics are available in half bolts or small standard bolts.

Do you also stock fabric in even smaller quantities?

Yes we do ... We have a range of fat quarters which are available in both bundles and boxed sets (great for gifts!)

If you need something just a bit bigger we also stock the same selections in half yard selections

Can I get images for my website and also use lookbooks and lifestyle images for marketing purposes?

Of course ... we can provide you with all those things and we now have an embedded version of the Art Gallery Fabrics lookbooks which have been designed for shops to use.

These offer some amazing lifestyle images of sewn models of quilts, wearables and home dec items.

Sounds great and I'm on board but when I place an order with some other wholesalers I end up not getting everything I ordered or they drop designs prior to printing ... I assume you do the same?

Never - not ever! ... if a brand cannot supply all the designs it markets then we drop the brand from our portfolio (and we have done this).

We're proud to work with companies who deliver every design.

So when you pre-order in March and we deliver in August you get everything you originally ordered!

What about reordering? I assume that once the stock is delivered I cannot order any more?

No.  When you sell out we encourage you to reorder.

After all the marketing has been done and your customers will be keen to purchase.

We hold stocks of all the ranges and replenish from the manufacturers each week.

Many customers end up ordering 100's of metres of popular prints simpy because designs remain available for several years.

My customers increasingly  ask for organic or OEKO-TEX fabric.  How can I tell what is and what isn't?

We stock mostly OEKO-TEX and Organic certified fabric.  Our mission is to keep the price point as reasonable as possible whilst aiming for all fabrics to be compliant.

Our website will allow you to filter for the ecologicical credentials of fabrics and we normaly state this against the items.