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Press & media resource area
Whilst Hantex is a distributor selling only to retailers and manufacturers, we've always worked closely with press and media.
We understand and appreciate that end-users, who are the ultimate consumers of the products we sell, look to magazines, vloggers, bloggers and the media in general to find inspiration and guidance.  With this in mind we're keen to create partnerships and  happy to provide samples for any projects that you plan to publish, whether in print, online or through YouTube.
We'll also consider opportunities for sponsoring projects or even channels where relevant opportunities arise ... you can contact us using the message button below.
Below we've placed some resources that will hopefully assist you ~ we would just ask that if you publish or use a product you credit the designer / manufacturer and also link to the relevant page on our website if possible,which allows sewists  to see which retailers have stocked an item.
Request sample fabric
If you're looking for fabric to use in a project that you will be publishing in the next few months, we've got a great selection that you could choose from (take look through the website for details).
All we ask is that you credit the designer / manufacturer of the item featured.  There is a limit of 3 metres per fabric to enable us to continue offering this service.
To place a request, simply complete the form below: