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Glues, Adhesives and Tapes

Collins Glue Stick
(Code: CN31)
.28 oz. Water soluble instant glue. Use to baste fabric layers. Great for foundation piecing and appliqué quilt blocks. The best glue stick available. Sewers like it for positioning trims and appliqués on garments and home decorating projects. Fabric Glue Stick Use for: • Appliqué Techniques • Foundation Piecing • Positioning Trims & Appliqués •...
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Collins Wonder Tape (Dissolvable Tape)
(Code: CN7)
1/4" x 360". Double-sided transparent tape that can be stitched through. Will not gum up needle. Disappears in washing. Use to position zippers, appliqués and pockets. Handy for matching plaids.
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Fray Check
(Code: P968020)
Fray Check will not discolor or stain most fabrics. Always test on an inconspicuous seam to be sure. 1.Place a piece of cardboard between area being treated and other fabric layers. 2.Unscrew blue cap and puncture tip with fine pin. 3.Gently squeeze bottle and apply very small amount of Fray Check. 4.Allow to dry for 15-30 minutes. 5.Always keep...
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Prym Gold-zack Spray Adhesive **** NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE UK ****
(Code: P968060)
Works in a similar way to 505 spray.
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Prym Aqua Glue Marker
(Code: P987185)
Aqua glue marker helps to position fabrics, trimmings, lace and zip fasteners without pins;
adhesive is visible due to yellow colour; the colouring disappears when glue is dry;
the glue can be washed out helps to position fabrics, trimmings, lace and zip fasteners without pins;
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Prym Cartridge Refill For Aqua Glue Marker
(Code: P987186)
Cartridge refill for aqua glue marker
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