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Scissors & Shears

Prym Love Textile Scissors Micro Serration 8in Pink
(Code: P610542)
The Prym Love range of textile scissors provide exceptional precision and cutting safety when cutting any type of fabric. Their blades feature micro serration that ensures even the slipperiest of fabrics, such as silk and synthetics, are securely and precisely cut.The handle design of the scissors is what truly sets them apart. It boasts a bright,...
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Prym Love Sewing Scissors Micro Serration 5in Pink
(Code: P610543)
Crafting is so much more enjoyable when you have the right tools. With the Sewing Scissors (13.5 cm/5 inch) in cheery pink, you’ll not only be surrounded by a fresh breath of air, but have a tool that is both thoughtfully designed and made with exceptional quality.The micro-serrated blades make cutting out a breeze. The fabric won’t slip away, so...
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Prym Love Fabric Scissors St 18 cm
(Code: P610540)
Classic top-quality scissors: The Prym Love textile scissors are suitable for cutting all kinds of fabrics. The heavy steel handles are ergonomic in shape, are double-coated for long life and their fresh, mint green design gives them added appeal. The cutting edges, manufactured in high quality, rust-proof steel, are hot-forged, individually...
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Prym Love Sewing Scissors 6'' 15 cm
(Code: P610541)
Small and practical: The Prym Love dressmaking scissors are all-rounders for the creative user, because they cut ordinary textiles with ease. However, their slim, sharp point makes them also suitable for cutting embroidery thread, cords or for unpicking seams, as well as for fine needlework. The steel handles and cutting edges offer long-lasting...
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Prym General Purpose Pinking Scissors 8 1/2in / 22cm
(Code: P610555)
The Prym universal pinking shears with plastic handle produce an attractive cut edge outline. Decorative slots can be made on a variety of fabrics, decorative paper-board and paper, while the finely polished serrated blades prevent the material from fraying. The larger eye of the handy plastic handle offers room for several fingers, which is a...
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Prym Tailors Shears Gold Edition Micro Serration 8in / 20cm
(Code: P610565)
When it comes to these scissors, all that glitters is truly gold, since these professional dressmaker's mainly impress due to their steel grip with shiny gold coating. It supplements the Classic series as the Gold Edition. These dressmaker's scissors are hot-forged by hand from high-quality steel, sharpened by hand, and extensively checked for...
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Prym Applique Scissors 6 Inch Rose Gold
(Code: P610570)
These applique scissors are presented in the modern rose gold colour and are ideal for applique, serging and quilting projects. The secret lies in the shape of these precision embroidery scissors, which prevents damage to the fabric or the applique motif. Thanks to the lower curve in the cutting blade they can be placed quite flat on the fabric...
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Prym Embroidery Scissors Fine Professional 3 1/2in / 9cm
(Code: P611441)
The 9 cm long super-fine embroidery scissors from Prym are very lightweight and dainty, although they are manufactured in sturdy steel. The embroidery scissors have a straight, very fine, delicate point, allow millimetre precision in cutting right up to the points and are therefore ideal for precision cutting for fine embroidery. The embroidery...
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Prym Embroidery Scissors Stork 3 1/2in / 9cm Gold Coloured
(Code: P611445)
An absolute classic, these scissors are popular particularly for their enchanting design in the shape of a stork. They belong to the embroidery and thread scissor product group. Their slim pointed blades look like a stork's beak, the screw joint forms the eye and the stems imitate the fine relief of the feathers.The gold-plated embroidery scissors...
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Prym Professional x act Scissors 8in / 21cm Micro Serration
(Code: P611508)
The dressmaking shears 'Professional' Xact from KAI with micro-serration are ideal when you need to cut silk or synthetic fibres. The special additional grinding of the blades consistently prevents difficult fabrics from slipping.The precision forged blades are made from rust-proof stainless steel and mounted in such a balanced way that the...
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Prym Professional Textile Scissors Ht Curved 5 1/4in / 13.5cm
(Code: P611509)
The curved textile scissors from the Professional line from the house of KAI are recommended for cutting out delicate fabrics; owing to their chamfered blade point they cut only the topmost layer even when there are several fabric layers. The chamfered points prevent snagging, which might damage the fabric or the embroidery.The textile scissors...
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Prym Professional Embroidery And Needlecraft Scissors 5in / 13cm
(Code: P611510)
Perfect for cutting a wide variety of material in embroidery and craft work The KAI Professional embroidery and craft scissors from Prym are truly versatile and all-purpose. The sharp points pierce the material with ease and accuracy, the high quality stainless steel blades cut with precision right up to the point.The soft grip makes working with...
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Prym - Kai 8.25in Dressmaking Scissors
(Code: P611512)
Product information Tailor’s shears, soft handles guarantee neat cuts and high precision for different types of fabrics guarantee neat cuts and high precision for different types of fabricsSize 21 cm = 8
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Prym Professional Tailors Shears For Left Handed Use 8in / 21cm
(Code: P611513)
Finally, professional scissors, which do not neglect creative left-handers The high quality tailor's scissors from KAI are specifically designed to be used in the left hand and offer the same high performance as all the other Professional tailor's scissors. The precise cut of the blades is the guarantee of excellent cutting performance.The...
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Prym-kai Fine Embroidery Scissors 4in
(Code: P611514)
Embroidery scissors, fine, standard handles enable accurate cuts from pinch to point enable accurate cuts from pinch to pointSize 10 cm = 4
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Prym Kai Pinking Shears 8.25in
(Code: P611515)
Product information Pinking shears, standard handles; no neatening of material edges due to serrated cut guarantee neat cuts and high precision for different types of fabrics guarantee neat cuts and high precision for different types of fabricsSize 21 cm = 8
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Embroidery Scissors Fine Bent 4in
(Code: P611516)
Product information Embroidery scissors, fine, bent, standard handles enable accurate cuts from pinch to point enable accurate cuts from pinch to pointSize 10 cm = 4
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Prym Professional Tailors Shears 8 3/4in / 23cm
(Code: P611517)
Jeans, jersey, silk or linen: the angulation on the blades of these professional tailor's scissors from KAI ensures a safe, straight cut. The extremely hard stainless steel of these scissors ensures balanced cutting quality even in intensive continual use.The blades are particularly carefully mounted and polished to prevent crushing of the fabric....
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Prym Professional Tailors Shears 9 1/2in 25cm
(Code: P611518)
Tailor’s shears, soft handles guarantee neat cuts and high precision for different types of fabrics guarantee neat cuts and high precision for different types of fabrics25 cm = 9 ?
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Prym Professional Xact Scissors Micro Serration 9 1/2in / 25cm
(Code: P611520)
These dressmaking shears 'Professional' Xact with serrated blade are perfect for cutting challenging materials such as silk or synthetic fibre. The special assembly of these precisely polished, stainless steel blades ensure that the dressmaker's scissor blades only touch one area thereby preventing the fabric from being crushed.Furthermore, the...
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Prym Pincushion with Scissors ⌛
(Code: P612014)
If you like having everything to hand, this original pincushion set is just what you are looking for. The pincushion measures 9.5 cm x 10 cm and is 4 cm thick. The captivating outer fabric with its lovely scissors motif is stuffed with wadding material. A black fabric loop secures a a small pair of embroidery scissors, which can be safely stored...
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