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Pins and Pin Holders

Ball Point Pins 30 x 0.6mm steel 25g
(Code: P024481)
Ideal for jersey or knitting material
Steel pins with ball tip
Made of hardened steel
Size: 30 x 0.6 mm
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Prym Straight Pins Silver Colour 0.60 X 34mm
(Code: P024485)
Quality long dressmaking pins from Prym
Hardened, polished steel
25g box
Length: 34mm (1.34" approx)
Thickness: 0.060 mm
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Prym Easy Grasp Pins 38 x 0.58mm Silver And Purple
(Code: P028800)
A special development in needle assortments are the pins with a long, concave handle made of plum-coloured plastic. Thanks to these, they are easy to grab and can be perfectly guided. The pins’ stem, made from spring steel, has a balanced spring stiffness. Its fine tip easily penetrates any fabric, thereby going easy on the fibres. In the storage...
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Prym Glass Headed Pins - Red - 35 x 0.40 mm
(Code: P029700)
Spring steel wire, rust protected coloured heads, resistant to ironing; for dressmaking with fine fabrics
5g box
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Prym Curved Gold Safety Pins Sz 2 38mm 150 Count
(Code: P071380)
Product Safety pins, curved, with coil, brass
Content 150 pieces
Product information No. 2 rustproof rustproof
Size 38 mm
Colour GOLD-coloured
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Prym Love Bobbin Ring and Magnetic Pincushion
(Code: P610286)
This slick and mainly practical MULTI organizer from the Prym Love series impresses due to its multifaceted functionality. The organiser consists of a bobbin ring with integrated pincushion. This magnetic pincushion holds the needles across the middle recessed grip – this allows you to convenient remove needles. In addition, a removable storage...
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Prym Love Magnetic Cushion With 9g Glass-headed Pins
(Code: P610287)
The magnetic pincushion with its fresh design from the Prym Love Collection is ideally suited for the storage of pins directly next to the sewing machine and the sewing station. Here, the needles are kept ready for all sewing jobs by the power of a magnet on the white dotted, mint-coloured surface. In the pack 9 g glass-headed pins with red heads...
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Prym Magnetic Pincushion
(Code: P611330)
keeps pins handy
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