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Craft Patterns

Straight Stitch Society Pattern - Feed The Animal Coin Purses
(Code: SSSP4FA1)
Ever feel like something is eating up all your money? You’re right! Let these supercute coin purses gobble up your change, cash, and credit cards. Choose from a mischievous menagerie of money-eating friends, including a monkey, cat, and dog. They're so irresistible you can't make just one!
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Straight Stitch Society Pattern - Desktop Pets Wrist Rest
(Code: SSSP7DP1)
Can’t get the dog to stop barking or the cat to stop scratching? We can’t either. That’s why we adore these super cute pets that never need scolding. Lying quietly at the base of your keyboard, this loyal dog or cat wrist rest gives your hands extra support while you type. And with a removable head to rest your hand on while you use the mouse,...
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Straight Stitch Society Patterns - In A Clutch Cosmetic Case
(Code: SSSP9IC1)
Have you ever reached into your handbag and found that you didn’t have one of your essentials? It’s no fun to have to make do in a clutch. Load up this pretty little cosmetic case, keep it in your handbag, and you’ll never have to again. This cosmetic case can be made in three different, fun styles. Your finished case will look so lovely you may...
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