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Under Wraps

2022 Part 1 Under-wraps release
Please read carefully before continuing
These images must not be published on Social Media, the internet, in print or in any electronic format
They may not be distributed or used for any purpose other than your own visual assessment prior to purchasing
The products in this category cannot be sold or shown to the public until after the official release date which will be advised
4 Good Reasons To Pre-Order These Fabrics
  • Extra Discount
  • Priority Delivery from our initial stock
  • Nothing to pay until we ship your order.
  • Early Bird orders are first on our stockist listings.
No Cancellations
We do not accept cancellations of mill orders ... when you order from this under-wraps category your order will be part of a pre-order direct from the mill.
Please be sure you can commit to your order at the time the fabric will be delivered.
I can't see the fabrics! ... where's the fabric?
These fabrics are under-wraps and as such the public cannot view them until they're officially released.
If you're unable to see them you're almost certainly not signed in