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Riding His Motorbike For A Worthy Cause
Hello, I'm Paul a co-founder and owner of Hantex.  For the last 25 years it's been a pleasure to work with some amazing businesses, both suppliers and customers.
Throughout this time we've been amazed by people's ability to not only run successful businesses, but also to give back to their community  and raise awareness and funds for worthy causes.
There's been fundraising for causes ranging from breast cancer research to improving the educational outcomes for girls in developing countries as well as environmental causes.
Now it's my turn ... It's a fact that when it comes to looking after their physical and mental health, men statistically don't do as good a job as woman. Movember is a charity looking to improve this situation and prevent the premature and unnessessary deaths of husbands, brothers, sons and partners.
On May 22nd 2022, I will be taking part in The Distinguished Gentlemans Ride which blends enthusiam for motorcycling with fundraising for this worthy cause and to date has raised £24.8 Million (€29.5 Million).
For a taste of what this worthwhile, crazyness is all about see the video below or follow the button link ... if you would like to support this cause, please follow the links below or opposite, depending on how you're viewing this page.
If you are able to sponsor me it would be amazing and along with my fellow riders, I'll do my best to put on a first class show.