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Omnigrid Cutting Mat 60 x 45cm (24in x 18in)

(Code: P611374)
Sturdy cutting mat for rotary cutter | Exact measurement of fabrics | Printed on both sides on a cm and inch scale | Guaranteed unbreakable and splinter-proof

This cutting mat is the ideal underlay for cutting out fabrics with the rotary cutter. The mat is so soft that it does not damage the rotary cutter blade, but is also so firm that cuts do not go too deep and the work surface is protected from damage.
At the same time it is perfect for measuring fabrics because the front of the cutting mat is printed with a cm scale and the back with an inch scale. This is convenient for using English patterns without having to convert the measurements. When it is used correctly, the sturdy plastic material of the cutting mat guarantees a high degree of safety against breakage and splintering.

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