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Base Stabiliser 7.75in (19.68cm) X 20.5in (52cm) From ByAnnie

(Code: BABS180)
Add support to the base of your ByAnnie project using this sturdy clear acrylic stabiliser. Each base stabiliser insert measures 6in 7.75in (19.68cm) X 20.5in (52cm) . Adds support to the bottom of bags, totes, and duffles. Creates a crisp and professional look.

Durable and lightweight. Rounded corners to protect the interior of your bag. Base stabilisers include hang holes and colourful labels featuring images and names of bags for which they are designed.

Labels and stabilisers are shrink wrapped for protection when being displayed or shipped. TIP Any ByAnnie pattern that suggests a base stabiliser will also include instructions for inserting the stabiliser into the bag. In most cases, the stabiliser will be inserted into a sleeve. The sleeve may be attached to the bag or may be loose. In either case, the base stabiliser may be removed when the bag is laundered.

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