Fabric & Creative Sewing Product Distributors
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Hantex is a distributor and wholesaler representing a number of key brands in the creative sewing and textile  sector.  

Our mission is to support these brands through marketing and physical distribution to ensure their product is well represented in the market place through the appropriate retail and manufacturing channels.  Hantex sells only through approved retailers and manufacturers - we do not supply directly to the public or to buying groups.

Please note that we cannot respond if you complete the registration but do not meet the following criteria in our opinion OR do not provide us with sufficient details to make a judgement.

✅ Only proceed if you meet at least ONE of the following criteria...

  1. You are an established, and currently trading, retail shop with commercial premises which sells products for sewing, knitting & craft use (please provide this address to us) 
  2. You are a manufacturer operating from commercial premises (please provide this address to us) producing products that incorporate fabrics or sewing related items; 
  3. You are an established online business which is currently trading from your own web domain ( e.g ) which sells products for sewing or craft use or produces finished products on a commercial basis (ecomerce enabled sites only) 
  4. You trade at national retail shows (please provide the organiser name). 


  • You are willing and able to meet our £150 ex vat initial minimum order value and can provide proof of trading within the area you have described above.

New Businesses...

  1. If you are starting a new business (retail or manufacturing) please contact us at

❌ Please do not proceed if...

  1. You are applying on behalf of a group. 
  2. You sell through auction platforms or third party marketplace websites. 
  3. You take orders only through social media platforms.
  4. You use a closed social media group which does not allow open access.
  5. You restrict access to your website through a membership scheme ... qualifying websites must allow unrestricted access to products.
  6. You sell at local craft fairs, charity days, table top sales or car boot sales.  If you are a charity please contact us for our giving policy. 
  7. You are an end user buying for your own needs. 
  8. You are unable to provide proof of trading. 

Acceptable Proof Of Trading...

  1. Bricks and Mortar store - We just need your trading address (commercial premises only)
  2. Ecommerce stores - We need a www.yourdomain.__  address where there is an ecommerce platform hosted at that domain that directly relates to your business and products related to that business. Online businesses must meet our minimum requirements to become stockists and purchase from us.
  3. If you cannot provide the above information, please provide alternative proof of trading and an explanation of how you trade.  We will make a judgement based on this information.

Providing your business has met the requirements detailed in the Registration Criteria and you have provided Proof Of Trading we will process your application and make a decision on whether to issue an account.  You will receive an email from us, with login details to our website, within 7 working days if we have opened an account for your business. We will designate your account as either Trade or Wholesale status for pricing purposes depending on the nature of your business.

Please note we have a minimum initial order value of £150 (GBP) ex vat